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Owning an IPO-standard website including landing page to support advertising, multi-channel selling, satisfactory SEO Inbound Marketing, automatic marketing integration, promotion, joint purchase, online payment, shipping scheduling, notifications customers, social network integration, customer behavior analysis, mobile app management

Have you heard of digital transformation but don't know where to start? Are you running an online business, running ads but still have not many orders? Or the order is small but the number of inquiries is a lot? You heard about warm leads advertising, lead scoring, automated marketing, order recovery, chatbots, sales personalization,... but don't understand and don't know where to start? And will the current business model still exist in the future when our world is changing rapidly? Congratulations, you've found the right place to help you solve these problems, we've been through those stages in business too, and that's why we built ENET, from the ground up. CEO, CTO actually fight, from the time they learn to use foreign software that is both complicated and expensive.

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Want to call for investment? Do you know that investor look for scalable business model first? A marketplace where you allow small businesses open store? A platform based on sales & affiliate? On Demand Business or Gig or Sharing Economy ? Or you want to run a recurring subscription platform? Such platform may cost you hundred thousand US Dollar, you can build a sucessful platform, at more reasonable price with ENET team, who already has experience building such platform, we can deploy in weeks, not months, which is very important in this era fast growing internet business.

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