ENET builds, deploys technology and people for businesses during business model transformation, digitization, and marketing. Thereby helping businesses grow, optimize and operate in the fields of tourism, manufacturing, e-commerce, education and healthcare industries.


Enet MeetDoctor clinic management solution helps doctors take the initiative and save time in the stages: creating schedules, receiving patients, examining, ordering tests, issuing prescriptions, reminding follow-up visits, saving records, opening Extend the support system according to the chain model.

Online Learning

Enet GStudy management solution helps educational institutions to take the initiative create courses, collect fees, teach and issue exercises online, especially the LCMS module supports creating lectures, shared (private) e-books, scale up with the model Chain.


Enet ECommerce solution helps sellers to manage inventory, view real-time reports of sales & deliveries via saling places, website, sales staff, agents and collaborators, scale up with chain model.

Hotel & Tour

Enet Hotel Commerce solution helps hotels/tours operator to manage inventory, view real-time reports of sales via website, sales staff, agents and collaborators, scale up with chain model.





Enet service software has been fully invested and developed, used by many organizations, continuously updated new features, with many useful functions supporting businesses: (1) helping business customers to quickly access products or services (2) employees have a smooth process of receiving, taking care of, and handling requests (3) management always sees real-time reports, supporting quick decision-making based on data.

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Digital Transformation Solutions
Docs & Plan

Share plans, documents, and business processes internally, helping the whole team run towards a common goal.

Leads, CRM & conversion

The tool to scan leads for the right target, landing page, form increases the conversion rate when running ads.

Issue numbers, receive bookings, CRM

Scheduling is an effective tool to increase customer experience.

Projects & Task management

Project management after closing the contract, managing items, work, progress of each work and the whole project.

Dynamic Pricing & Group Order

The art of selling at the peak of the 4.0 era, the price changes according to the quantity of goods (buy in groups), agent level (sales), time of purchase (early bird, last minute).

Operation Optimization

Mobile app supports sales, deliveries, calendar reminders, promotion updates, and real-time reports.

seamless experience

Seamless experience

Buy 1 get 8, a suite of tools supporting your business from generate leads, nurturing tools, to discount coupon, online payment, order processing, reporting & management

  • Website builder
  • Landing Page
  • Dynamic Form
  • Ecommerce Store
  • Appointment booking
  • Business Chat
  • Management App

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300+ business using Enet for their operation

We believe a good company should have a platform to run sales & operations. To support the CEO, we create a suite of tools for digitizing, optimizing & business transformation, and increasing competition in nowadays ever-changing world.


Mindset, Skillset, Toolset – Ingredients for Success.

We are attracted by the fancy sparkle of Skillset (skills), and Toolset (tools) when we see this one has this skill, another uses that tool… But if we don't get into the basics (Mindset), ) with the questions: "Why do they use this tool, why do they need that skill?" then it will be very difficult for you to succeed in the new era.


Mindset: The way you see, feel, perceive and observe the world around you – it includes both your beliefs and how you make decisions about your behaviour. How you interpret and react to unexpected situations.


  • For example, you have a mindset: need to "apply technology" to manage business more effectively


Skillset: The way (skills, habits) you act and behave based on your abilities, knowledge and understanding.


  • Need to practice business planning skills, human resource management, KPI assignment, OKR, personnel training, motivating testing, need to practice skills  on omnichannel marketing, B2B care, sales omnichannel, operations and finance.


Toolset: What mechanisms help you, to develop and perfect your skills, achieve your goals? For example: platform, technique, model, approach.


  • Know how to use tools like Google Docs or Enet Docs, Enet Landing Page, Enet Ecommerce, Enet POS, .. seamlessly so that customers and employees have the best digital experience

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The right tool to solve a specific problem, easy to use, and suitable for people and business culture.

After understanding the business needs, we draft the overview plan from digitizing products, increasing brand recognition, to content marketing, landing pages, leads conversion to order processing, business operation, business report and personnel training.