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Enet Pro is a combination of Ecommerce, CRM and project management facilitating seamless collaboration across departments, from marketing to sales teams, service, operations, and finance. It ensures smooth workflow and allows all relevant personnel to view progress, purchase status, and financial aspects of projects and the entire enterprise

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Manual operation makes the team tired

Customers have to wait for a long time and there is no transaction history

There is an overload at the same time, lacking proper storage of customer records and transaction history.

The cooperation between departments is not effective

Information is not circulated smoothly between departments.

The manager is unable to grasp the situation

They cannot understand the health of the business nor evaluate the performance of the personnel.

Overview process

Ecommerce subsystem


Customers can instantly purchase products

Best-selling products, bait products and value products with appropriate prices are available for online purchase. For complex and high-value products, please refer to the lead section below.

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Marketing subsystem


Collecting information on potential customers

Leads are potential customers who make large or complex purchase orders that require consultation. The number of leads is a critical indicator for the survival of the business. Enet Pro, with its blog module, landing page, and form, helps businesses create valuable content across multiple channels to convince potential customers that we are experts in the field we are operating in. It drives traffic to the website and landing page, builds trust, and increases the conversion rate for capturing information from potential customers, especially in advertising campaigns.

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CRM - Sales subsystem


Customer care and sales

Manage customer lifecycle and projects with a single tool, taking care of sales, sending information, quoting, contract management, and project updates.

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Project Management subsystem - Planning


Estimate costs and resources for completion

Estimate costs based on resources, volume, and time required to complete the project, enabling continuous adjustment in the sales and contract signing process.

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Operating subsystem - work progress, cost management


Collaboration on tasks, progress, reporting

A centralized task management tool that supports processing and recording task statuses, allowing project managers to track the overall project progress and related costs. Additionally, the operating system continuously receives feedback from customers.

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Reporting subsystem


Monitoring project progress

A 360-degree overview of the project, where the project manager relies on data to make quick decisions in order to complete the project on schedule.

Project Report
Reporting subsystem


Monitoring business health

Providing an overall overview of the entire operations of the business.

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Unique features and distinctive subsystems
Booking Engine chuyên ngành

Dynamic Pricing


Human resources, salary, internal training

Mobile Apps

Mobile app supports working while on the move


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