Digital transformation platform for clinics, educational institutions, services, commerce, hotels, and tourism.

introduction about digital transformation with Enet


Enet Tech provides technology solutions and human support to help businesses succeed in digital transformation.


We support businesses in building a strong digital platform and achieving effective digital transformation. We accompany customers from the strategic phase to implementation and development.

Enet invests in software development by module, forming technology solutions according to new business models, and then supporting customers, including SMEs, to improve sales revenue, optimize operations, and transition to a suitable new business model.


Enet has always been continuously improving and enhancing the quality of its services/solutions



- Establishing a company

- Developing a specialized dynamic pricing Booking Engine for the hotel and travel industry



- Developing more software with various business models



- Introducing the Meet Doctor solution for the healthcare industry



- Introducing the Enet Pro suitable for all industries

- Launching the expanded Enet Pro product for all industries
- Introducing the Meet Doctor product for the healthcare industry
- Developing additional software with various business models
- Company establishment
- Developing a specialized Booking Engine with dynamic pricing for the hotel and travel industry.


Enet wants to create a better life for entrepreneurs every day


Our goal is to support business growth and optimize operations for 10,000 enterprises by 2030. Through integration modules into business models, we want to help SME increase visibility, get more leads, explore more sales through affiliate, agent and direct channel, also save 3 hours daily with the tasks dealine on calendar.

These modules include marketing, sales, growth, performance management, task management, project management, internal training, and financial management.

We are committed to continuously investing in and developing these areas to best meet the needs of our customers. At the same time, Enet also commits to protecting customer data with the highest security standards by implementing private cloud, on-premise, and cloud versions

Core value

Quality and Reliability

We are committed to providing high-quality and reliable software solutions. We prioritize quality in every aspect of our products and services to meet the requirements and expectations of our customers.

Innovation and Creativity

We believe that innovation and creativity are the keys to helping our customers grow and succeed. We encourage our team to think creatively, seek breakthrough solutions, and apply advanced technologies to deliver maximum value to our customers.

Customer Focus

Customers are always at the center of our activities. We are committed to listening and understanding the needs of our customers to provide the best, customized, and suitable solutions for each business. We create a supportive environment for customers, from consulting and deployment to technical support.

Honesty and Transparency

We consider honesty and transparency as one of the most important values. We are committed to providing clear, honest information and a competitive space for customers to make intelligent decisions and trust us.

Collaboration and Long-term Partnerships

We build sustainable and long-term partnerships with customers, suppliers, and members of the community. We consider partners as an integral part of our success and create conditions for mutual development and the achievement of shared goals.








Digital marketing

Content marketing



Accompany inn technology


We view collaborative relationships as a shared journey, where we foster agreement, respect, and trust. We believe that only by working together, sharing knowledge and experiences, can we achieve sustainable success.

We not only focus on short-term benefits but also aim for long-term benefits for both parties. We create a relatively cooperative environment where we share values, information, and develop together.


Integrated module system, forming solutions

Enet builds different modules and integrates them into various solutions for businesses: Enterprise training (Lcms, Lms, Ems), Marketing (Forms, Landing pages, Live chat, CRM), Sales (Distribution, Agencies, Branches, Staff, Reservations/Orders, Payment), Operations (Order processing, Reporting)."

Booking Engines
Software modules
365 x7
Customer Support

Meet the team

Enet does not sell products, we sell solutions for businesses.


Mr. Lê Hưng Ban

Founder / CTO

Coming from a Mathematics background and having a strong affinity for Information Technology since 2000, Mr. Lê Hưng Ban has gained extensive experience in participating in major projects in North America as a chief architect. With the desire to have a 100% Vietnamese product that can thrive in the international market, he founded Enet.


Mr. Đồng Hoàng Thịnh

Founder / CMO

Passionate about traveling, learning, and applying new technology business models, Mr. Dong Hoang Thinh is a technology expert and investor who has successfully applied digital marketing to many businesses.


Mr. Khánh Băng

Sales & Marketing Manager

Proactively attracting leads and closing sales is Mr. Băng's strength, in addition to building teams and actively engaging in various groups, events, and communities.


Mr. Quang Lâm

Senior Developer

Backend, API, logic processing, mobile app development, deployment... I, Lâm, support CTO Lê Hưng Ban in listening to customers, adjusting the system, and bringing new features to the market that the R&D team has researched and developed.

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