About Enet Tech


Enet is a Software-as-a-service company

Enet investing in software development,  then assist businesses in growing sales, optimizing operation, as well as transforming into a new suitable business model.

Our vision

Our vision is to create a better everyday life for business people.

The fields of digital transformation that Enet focuses on developing are e-commerce, retail, clinic, education, hotel, restaurant, and tourism.


Module integration module, turn to solutions

Enet builds different module, and integrate it together into different solutions for businesses: Corporate Training (Lcms, Lms, Ems), Marketing (Form, Landing Page, Business Chat, CRM), Sales (Distribution, Agent, Affiliate, Staff, Booking / Order, Payment), Operation (Order Processing, Reporting).

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In 2017, from a website development project with specialized bookings in the hotel and travel industry, helping Vietnamese businesses regain market share from international OTAs, we realized that technology is needed to support businesses. "insurrection", Enet Tech was formed on that basis.

From 2019, Enet Tech develops many software with different business models: freemium, add-on, marketplace, subscription, on-demand. Most follow the subscription model - declare on the platform and use, some only deploy a private cloud for each specific business.

Domain Expert

  • Travel & Tour
  • Education
  • Digital Marketing
  • Hospitality
  • Clinic
  • Content Marketing
  • Restaurant
  • Consultation


  • 10x Site of the day
  • 5x UI Design award
  • 3x Site of the month
  • 1x Webby award

Meet Enet Team

Lên kế hoạch, xây dựng và triển khai website bán hàng đa kênh cùng ENET.


Mr. Lê Hưng Ban

Co-Founder / CTO

Using programming language to express mathematical ideas and business logic is his passion, Mr. Le Hung Ban has built many information technology projects with customers Sadlier USA, Dutchlady, Unilever, Appolo English. ..


Mr. Đồng Hoàng Thịnh


Passionate about moving, learning and applying new technology business models, Mr. Dong Hoang Thinh is a technology expert and investor who has successfully applied digital marketing to many businesses.

Khánh Băng

Sales & Marketing Manager

Being proactive in attracting leads and closing sales is Bang's strength in addition to team building, active activities on groups, events, and communities.

Quang Lâm

Senior Developer

Backend, API, logic processing, mobile app development, deployment...Anh Lam supports CTO Le Hung Ban in listening to customers, adjusting the system, and bringing to market new features researched by the R&D team

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