Enet launches Enet Lab product - The smart connection system of the future for laboratories and clinics

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1.Introduction to Enet Lab


Enet has just launched Enet Lab, a product that connects laboratory systems and clinics, helping to optimize management and improve the quality of healthcare services for patients and expand cooperation with doctors using Enet's clinic management system. Enet Lab operates based on a connection model to promote growth and help clinics and laboratories collaborate and develop together. At the same time, Enet Lab also has attractive partner programs for doctors when introducing services to friends and colleagues, receiving a deserving commission on each transaction generated.



2.Who can use Enet Lab?


Enet Lab is a modern technology platform that provides customized solutions and services for laboratories that can connect to clinics using Enet's clinic management system and doctors who have a relationship with the labs.


When using Enet Lab, healthcare professionals can customize services according to their needs, including pricing and quality. The platform provides easy access to the most advanced technology solutions, improving the efficiency and quality of healthcare services.


With Enet Lab, doctors and healthcare professionals can access specialized tools and solutions such as image analysis, signal processing, and healthcare data analysis. The platform provides a full-featured experience to help healthcare professionals improve the quality of patient care and meet the increasing demand for collaboration between healthcare organizations.



3. Key features of Enet Lab



Enet Lab has several notable features, including:


3.1 Online Test Requests


The first feature is the ability to receive online test requests. Doctors will send their test request through the Enet Lab system. Depending on the specific request, Enet Lab will categorize it into different service groups and then send the request to the appropriate lab to save time and optimize the testing process. Doctors only need to create the request and send it to Enet Lab. For every transaction made, the doctor will receive a commission from the affiliate program. After the tests are completed, the results will be returned to the doctor's software system. In cases where patients request testing services themselves, they can scan the QR code to view the results.


3.2 Multi-Branch Lab Management


Each lab branch user will have two roles:


Branch Manager: They will be responsible for managing the branch. Each branch will have only one manager who can create and view services for that branch.


Assistant: The second feature allows managing multiple lab branches simultaneously. Additionally, you can set different service prices for each branch. This enhances flexibility and optimizes value for customers.


3.3 Attractive Features for Affiliates


Affiliates of each lab branch will receive a commission on every transaction created on Enet Lab. Through the affiliate marketing program by providing links, when customers click or order services through these links, affiliates will receive money from the lab. Commissions are calculated as a percentage of the service's price. Lab branches only pay commission fees on the generated revenue, and affiliates can have passive income over time. This helps motivate the development of the business network.


4.Benefits of using Enet Lab software



- Improve service quality


  • Enhance the effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment
  • Save time and optimize testing procedures
  • Quickly and accurately retrieve data while ensuring security


- Highly scalable


  • Connect labs with the clinic system
  • Enhance the cooperation between doctors and testing centers through the affiliate program

In conclusion


Enet Lab is an advanced and reliable product for managing and providing testing services. It has contributed significantly to the development of the healthcare industry and community health. Register today to receive the best advice from our team of experts!





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